A Timeline for Printing Your Holiday Cards

The holidays are here! It’s time to start preparing your gift lists and mailings. Too early, you say? With life as busy as it is these days, there’s no such thing as too early when it comes to preparing for the holidays… especially when it comes to sending out your holiday cards. Nothing shows how disorganized your life or business is as sending out your cards on January 5th!

The List  – October – You should begin your card preparations by Halloween at the latest.  Sit down and make a list of your close family and friends and general acquaintances. Then sit down and do it again— you’d be amazed both by how many people you know and how easy it is to forget someone important.

Using a list from a previous major social event like an anniversary or wedding can be helpful. Make sure to include business and work contacts. Such social niceties are still very much in demand in the business world, despite the generally casual tone of things today.

Once you have a list going, you’ll have a starting number for how many cards you will need. Remember- always order extra. Not only might you have last minute additions, but you will also need to send cards to everyone who sends you one! Make sure that your final number gives you the buffer you’ll need for any contingency.

The Photo – Early November – Including a photo of the family or work team? Start making your selects by early November. If you are planning a professional shoot and not working from existing material, make sure that it’s completed by early November- this will give the photographer enough time to deliver proofs and you enough time to make your selects.

Selecting the Card & Placing the Order – mid-November – Once you have your list and know whether you will be using a photo or not, you can select your card style.  There are a wide variety of options out there, from the eco-friendly to the ornate. Remember, your card is a reflection of you- make sure that your selection is in keeping with your personal choices and style.

You will want your card order placed by mid-November to ensure a timely delivery. You’ll want a three week buffer between the arrival of your cards and the heart of the holiday season.

Stuffing, Stamping & Checking – Use the first week and change of December to stuff the envelopes, double check your list, and write any personal messages you’d like to include on your cards. Make sure you have your stamps! The last thing you want to do is to wait in a holiday line at the post office at the last minute.

Mail Them! – Your cards have to be out the door by December 15th, no question.

Printing and mailing your holiday cards doesn’t have to be a nightmare! Sticking to this simple schedule will ensure that your cards get out the door on time and that you end up having a relatively relaxed and enjoyable holiday.

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