Buddha According To Liu Xing Ming: Exploring New Markets To American And European Crisis

Lighting Products Pavilion at the Fair, Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co., Ltd. Booth Although not the largest industry, it is the most popular place. Liu Xing Ming, general manager of Foshan Lighting stands are also receiving a constant stream of visitors busy businessmen. Liu Xing Ming said that, despite the economic downturn experienced in Europe and America, Foshan, or rely on new energy-saving lighting products are favored by international buyers, exports maintained double-digit growth, the future will be through the establishment of exclusive distribution point increase in emerging market development efforts.
New energy saving products favored by buyers
Reporter: As the lighting industry leader, Foshan lighting in this session of Canton Fair exhibitors feel?
Liu Xing Ming: This is undoubtedly become a good business sense. Chamber of Commerce had heard of procurement reduced the flow of people we have come to see the exhibition hall seemed less certain, but our stand is a lot of guests come in to do business. I am relatively satisfied with the effect of the exhibition, felt mainly because of Foshan Lighting’s brand in the international community have an influence on many of the guests is at us to the Canton Fair. The second, more complete product chain, the various countries and regions, buyers can find in our products. Third, the Foshan Lighting Fair every year to launch new products, customers can bring back some new product information. Seventy six per cent this year, the exhibits are all new products.
Reporter: Two days of talks this situation, what new products customers interested in?
Liu Xing Ming: energy-saving products, LED products, customers are more interested. These two products, the future of the global lighting industry trends, we have to seize the opportunity to introduce to, especially now that the economic downturn have to rush in front of others, to strengthen efforts to promote these new products.
Opening up new markets to meet challenges
Reporter: European and American economic downturn, businesses are feeling this year’s export situation is not good, Foshan lighting like?
Liu Xing Ming: I hear the message that from January to September this year, the Foshan lighting industry exports are down, but our total exports still grew by 17%. Europe and the United States market economic downturn, and we felt that if they did not decline, then our exports will be even greater.
Reporter: Foshan Lighting prepare how to respond?
Liu Xing Ming: We are now coping strategy is to continuously open up new markets, not hanging in a tree above. Like Asia, the Middle East, South America, Africa and other emerging markets, although the spending power as old market, it is still a developing market, growing rapidly. Only seize the opportunity to fill it in, or be able to maintain growth.
Specific measures to open up new markets is the establishment of specialized distribution points, started his own brand of Foshan lighting. OEM-based exports before the next step should be to promote their brands to the international go. (Liu wake up next to a businessman pointed out) this gentleman is to help us promote the brand in Vietnam, there is still Taiwan, Nigeria and other emerging countries and regions in the talks.
Preparing for the EU anti-dumping times
Reporter: India, the EU is now China’s energy-saving lamps are anti-dumping duties, which is much Foshan lighting effects? How should?
Liu Xing Ming: India, the EU has been China’s energy-saving lamps are anti-dumping, of course, a great impact, because the anti-dumping duties on Chinese products had little competition. But I heard the end of this year, the EU anti-dumping duty on energy-saving lamps may be canceled, and we hope to immediately put our energy-saving lamps to push to the EU. We do this in a number of ready products. This year’s trade specifically a series of decorative electronic energy saving lamps, can replace the current general domestic use of foam type, foam type tip, a small incandescent bulb type to meet customer needs in Europe and America.

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