Creating a Stop Smoking Timeline

When a lot of people decide to quit smoking, they don’t bother setting themselves a stop smoking timeline. They just either stop suddenly or slowly cut down aiming towards some undefined date in the future.

Where it is very good to quit smoking, it is crucial that you do everything you can to maximize your probability of success. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance and it is too easy to start giving yourself excuses for not really becoming a non smoker.

With a quit smoking timeline, you maximize your chances of succeeding stopping smoking because you have a clear date that you are going to be a non smoker by. You also will have defined a number of milestones or mini goals along your timeline.

These milestones will help you to achieve your stopping smoking goal because you will know where you need to be and when you need to be there, with respect to quitting smoking.

Your first step in setting your stop smoking timeline is to come to a decision when you want to stop by. This may be an event you are attending such as a wedding, party or other activity, or it could be a date that you have picked to stop by.

Whatever the date you pick, it needs to be a practical one. Some people suddenly quit, whereas others need some time to reduce their dependence on Nicotine. You know which type you are. For most people, the steady reduction in the amount they smoke is easiest as it is less stressful on their body.

Once you have picked your date and are happy it is a realistic one then you need to set your milestones along the way.

These are dates when you will have cut down the amount you are smoking by.

An example of a stop smoking timeline is you decide you are going be a non smoker from 31st December, 3 months from now. At the end of October you will down to 1 packet a day. At the end of November you will be down to half a packet a day, and on the end of December you will have stopped smoking.

A stop smoking timeline works well if you have someone who is either becoming a non smoker with you or someone who will help you quit smoking. The aim of the game is this person ensures you stick to your quit smoking timeline and makes sure you achieve each of your quit smoking milestones.

Each time you get to a milestones successfully, you reward yourself, and not by smoking. You give yourself something you really crave. If you fail to reach a milestones you may want to carry out a forfeit such as giving something away, doing some charitable work or something else so that other people benefit.

Many people who want to stop smoking do not set themselves this quit smoking timeline and because of that they are giving themselves the option of failure. By setting yourself a stop smoking timeline you will be in a better position not only to quit, but to stay a non smoker.

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