Euro Dash

you are an all-American preppy, a sports-obsessed jock or a hipster with meticulously messed-up hair, we are sorry to inform you that spring will not be your season, at least stylistically. Judging by the spring men’s collections (which will be hitting stores any day now), designers are going for a more pulled-together Euro look. You might consider throwing out those beat-up jeans and breaking out the printed silk scarves.
Who better to exemplify this new continental trend than Gabrielecorto Moltedo, the young designer well known for Latex Catsuits his aristo look? It doesn’t hurt that he is also a member of Italian fashion royalty his family owned the luxury house Bottega Veneta until 2001, when they sold it to the Group. In 2004, Moltedo started an eponymous line of high-end accessories on his own.
Moltedo’s personal style combines heritage and experimentation. He grew up in Venice, New York and the Italian countryside and says that he has always had a taste for dressing up. ”I like mismatching colors in a way that’s inspired by furniture,” he says. ”But there are some elements that I remember specifically from my father and grandfather, like made-to-measure double-breasted suits, striped shirts with red enamel zentai suit and woolly ties.” To avoid looking as if he stepped out of a Merchant-Ivory film, Moltedo sometimes throws bright Nike Air Force and Bathing Ape sneakers, which he buys in Japan, into the mix.
When it comes to other accessories, however, he simply makes his own. In fact, Moltedo is opening his first shop at the end of this month in the arcades of the Palais Royale in Paris. ”The line of men’s bags and carry-ons is inspired by ‘Cry-Baby,’ the John Waters movie,” he says. ”I work on it with a small team in Florence. We use the best materials available to keep the art of leather craftsmanship alive — always with pride and tradition.”
Jason Blum HOLLYWOOD HILLS There are two kinds of people in Los Angeles those who want beachfront property, and those who want to be nestled in the hills. The film producer Jason Blum is one of the latter. His midcentury modern perch provides a drop-dead view of the city. ”I wanted to be up high because I’m from New York,” Blum said. ”I was looking to create that floating feeling,” an effect he heightens by using only furniture that will enhance the view. Low sofas, Latex Fetish glass tables and acrylic dining chairs seem almost invisible. Instead, the city must compete with Blum’s art collection. Suit by Dolce & Gabbana. Shirt by Prada. Shoes by Allen-Edmonds.
Pier Guerci MANHATTAN The threat of red tape and M.I.A. contractors didn’t deter Pier Guerci when he discovered a spacious aerie left untouched since the 1920s in 2000. ”It was the roof, with nine little maids’ rooms,” said Guerci, the president and C.E.O. of Loro Piana (U.S.A.), of his Upper East Side penthouse. Today, doors surrounding the living room spilled out onto the wraparound terrace overlooking Central Park. Antique rugs and artifacts are scattered among vintage leather club chairs, giving the space a warm and personal air. ”My house has a lot of me in it,” Guerci said, standing next to carved doors from an Indian palace. ”It has a lot of my soul here.” Outfit by Loro Piana. Shoes by John Lobb.

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