Eurozone Crisis Explained {2020} (Sovereign debt & Banking crisis) Will the euro survive?

Eurozone Crisis Explained {2020} (Sovereign debt & Banking crisis) Will the euro survive?

The eurozone debt crisis is reemerging once again with concerns over the sustainability of the national debts of many of the southern European states. While this poses a real risk to the euro system itself, there remains a deeper, darker challenge that threatens the eurozone and the ECB. Today we investigate whether the euro can survive and avoid bringing the whole global economy down.

But a further profound risk remains for the euro and the global economy. That is a systemic banking crisis. Europe holds the largest concentration of Global Systemically Important Banks, or G-SIBs, which means that the European banking crisis will “go global” in an instant.
We also gain insights from economists Tuomas Malinen and consider whether Italy may well leave the euro.

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20 thoughts on “Eurozone Crisis Explained {2020} (Sovereign debt & Banking crisis) Will the euro survive?

  1. The disgracefully irresponsible German Banks were saved by the ECB – however imposing many decades of debt onto the taxpayers of the PIIGS and Cyprus is not sustainable

    The way this was done was criminal

  2. Europe is Europe, it is a Rope, that knows its members and its allies, it goals are to always provide the certainties amongst its members, it cannot be swayed, for it values preservation of GDP, its historical roots, where foreigners learn the significance of history, and how Independence and freedom was made evident in its member countries for them to be as Intact as possible, durable and malleable, tested by time. Its innovation and skills that brought them in places, in Asia and In some parts or Africa as well as the Oceans and Seas. EUZONE are the countries that knows continuity of GDP, its skills and abilities passed on from one generation into another. Remain intact as the languages of English, French, Portuguese, Slavic, German, Polish, Italian and languages of the rest, as they are established and founded as countries, identified, identities and certainties respectively.

  3. The Euro will go tits up. When not if. What is the UK’s indirect exposure to French & German bank loans to Italian debt? Is UK sufficiently ring fenced from Euro meltdown? And even if UK’s exposure is limited ie, manageable, hasn’t the UK signed up to circa £700BN liability to bail out EU/Euro in the event of currency failure?

  4. 4:11 seems kinda weird to include/refer to UK news sources when discussing the Eurozone, especially opinion pieces

  5. if the euro was so great, it would not have to be saved every 5 years

  6. Rescue the Euro, are you serious? The debt and growth figures for Italy and others are self evident. Virtually no growth in 20 years and massive unemployment while Germany has a huge current account surplus. The Germans have a hugely undervalued currency at the expense of southern European countries and Ireland who are collectively helpless to salvage their economies. The joy is that Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP wish to buy a very expensive ticket to board a Titanic in financial terms! The single currency is entirely a political concept and has no discernible foundation in economics. The longer it is patched with smoke and mirror finance the greater the cost for the frugal four if they ever really want to commit to an absolute banking union. For onlookers the EU currency is a joy to behold and an object lesson in what happens when politics subsumes economics. The single currency is just as mad as moving the parliament monthly between Brussels and Strasbourg. Let us hope this joyous pantomime will continue in the spirit of the saying, “those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad!” David K Sheridan in UK

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  8. I don't get it. Only 3 countries (Portugal, Italy and Greece) have bad debt and GDP ratio, meaning that they can't repay their loans without GDP growth, which is expected to improve soon (2021) as shown in those graphs. So, there's only 3 countries, who have financial problems and the rest are perfectly fine. Why do these 3 should take down a whole zone of over 20 countries? It makes no sense.

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  10. Hey, we need to read this … Are Euro-Area expectations about recession phases effective to anticipate consequences of economic crises?.. very import…

  11. Our wonderfull (uhum) Dutch MP is defenitely no opposition to the EU in whichever way shape of form.

  12. Also long deficit of member states are not too high the ECB will bail them out by buying gov bonds. Because if deficits not too high then inflation is not too high. then ECB forgive interest on the debt because they give back interest money they do not need to run. what going to destroy the euro is that member states are going to leave and go on their own currency.

  13. Hey , You need to read Pay attention"We know which recession phase to expect now""We know it not"; Do expectations about economic crises aptly anticipate consequences?..

  14. Hey, guys… yea…you must wake up, You need to read Pay attention"We know which recession phase to expect now""We know it not"; Do expectations about economic crises aptly anticipate consequences?

  15. guess thats what happens when you have 27 countries with very different economic positions and try to use one currency and one central bank.

  16. Germany will fall flat economically in ten years time. Quite simply it is slowly but steadily being overtaken in so many manufacturing disciplines by major competing nations, whilst German quality is renowned they are now matched and often beaten. With massive funding feeds to the EU with its unquentionable appetite to expand its membership and its sphere of influence, the Germans will pay dearly and it will be their demise.

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