How the euro caused the Greek crisis

How the euro caused the Greek crisis

Greece is in a state of economic and financial crisis that’s dominated global headlines this week. Vox’s Matt Yglesias explains the real roots of the crisis. For our more on the Greek crisis:

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20 thoughts on “How the euro caused the Greek crisis

  1. Vox is just excluding Luxembourg again….
    Literally making us the same color as the ocean…..

  2. Greece use to trade with Asia become rich now they can't it need to have permission from european union.

  3. Greece is basically that one youtuber who was once popular getting like 20 million views and years later the channel collapsed due to drama and barely even gets a thousand views

  4. Idk why, i cant exactly tell the reason why i feel like this, but i do not agree witht this.

  5. How the euro caused the greek crisis. Well, maybe if greece didn't lie about it's inflation and economy most of the stuff would have never happened

  6. as a german i have to say that many are willing to help poor countries out of their poverty. in Germany there is only one party that is fundamentally against it and that is the far right Party AfD. (just as a sidenote)

  7. Oversimplified. You didn't expand on the fact that Greece was doing in good (in the 80-90) it had from the biggest growth in EU so very attractive to borrow to but then politicians got greedy and there was widespread corruption. On your graph Greece borrowed a ton of money for Olympics and defence budgets + other projects fuel by a greed of politicians to get as much as pride money as possible. So my point is that this is not simply because Greece is small is destine to fail in EU. It was corruption and yes after the fact the country going bankrupt to have the ability to print money. To that point if any country of the west gets kicked out of the Market will go bunkrupt at some point as majority of countries have overspend.

  8. The clever radio conventionally order because crab maternally snore over a curvy dressing. uptight, upset musician

  9. Total lies. The Greeks lied to the EU about their finances and that's what went down.

  10. The UK thinks they're better than all other Europeans, I guess…

  11. That's a good thing i live in Poland. Poland doesn't have euros. The only thing it's euro in Poland, was euro branded electronic stores.

  12. Chad Greece 200 BC: We are a super power.

    Weakling Greece XIX Century: Oh no plz help me.

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