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World View: EU Migrant Crisis Moves to Italy as Austria Begins Closing Border
The European Commission (EC) on Tuesday asked the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament to consider imposing travel restrictions on visitors from the United States and Canada. The EC had to make the request, because it was required to do┬á…
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EU new car sales rise, approach pre-crisis level
BERLIN–New car sales in the European Union rose 6% to 1.7 million vehicles in March, coming close to the peak sales reached before the financial crisis, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association said Friday. “In volume terms, this result is …
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Rise of EUROPEAN jihadis: EU admits ISIS is exploiting refugee crisis to
“It stands to reason that with no checks or penalties in place for those making false declarations there will be an increase in numbers of people who wish us harm making use of the migrant crisis to get into the EU and crossing its internal borders freely.

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