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a few days ago, from the

LG E that has been full sale of the Chinese market

Plasma TV , Specifically to do LCD TV Business, are also being sold in China Plasma

TV Belong to Wei Huo, LG is still required after-sales commitment problem. In addition, according to foreign media reports, South Korea’s LG Electronics headquarters of the original plans to produce six million plasma TVs, have also been revised to 420 million units, and also frozen plasma production of additional investments in the plasma R & D and marketing investment in the relative LCD sharply.

LG once again recently, this trend led us to the delisting of plasma conjecture, rumors of the “plasma is discarded,” remarks, which some people think it is

Flat Panel TV Market factors not conducive to increasing the plasma, resulting in domestic plasma TV’s survival is very small, if the short-term plasma products in the technology and the market can not be a major breakthrough, the time is not far off its overall delisting.

32 inch plasma Panel LCD Shock Recall a year ago, 32-inch plasma TV, plasma camp out to see a ray of hope, but progress, as 32-inch LCD panel prices have been substantially reduced, has greatly affected the 32-inch plasma panels sales. According to industry sources, with the average price of 32-inch LCD panels fell below 300 yuan dollar mark, forcing the same size 32-inch plasma panels in the minimum price of 220 dollars, which makes the supply of plasma panel manufacturers to sell a loss 1, is not conducive to the development of 32-inch plasma.

32-inch plasma in the field, the key panel suppliers LG Electronics, are intended to follow up before

Samsung Electronics, Matsushita Electric and other short term is not intended to follow-up. LG announced the withdrawal of the Chinese market and the overall plasma TV panel production cuts business news, let us once again pinched the plasma camp Khan.

Number one machine as the development of difficulties plasma

In 2008 China Flat Panel TV with high definition channels on air, the development of digital TV one machine is most rapid. LG said that out of the plasma TV market in China, they said they will cut to the lucrative digital television market. Currently, the United States, Japan and other countries by up to 50% of digital TV penetration, and China less than 2% level, China still has a very large room for development.

One machine as a digital television, first in the panel must be selected on the full HD panel, because the 1080i high-definition television signal using a transmission format, while the plasma TV now only 42 inches above the field level to achieve full HD, and prices relatively high, such as the current one a 42-inch digital TV machine lowest price around 10,000 yuan, while an 42-inch full HD plasma prices around 12,000, if one machine with the functions of the price even more do not have advantage, the rapid development of digital integrated machine has become a challenge to LCD Plasma TV’s a difficulty.

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