Mens Ties And Their Timeline

Over the years, we have seen a lot of significant changes in the way mens ties are designed and worn. In the 60’s they were designed with bright colors and very box shaped on the ends. Into the 70’s they changed just slightly but mostly remained the same. In the 80’s, character was added to the mens ties design. Starting in the 90’s, we started to see images and other “funny” ties being designed. Now in the Twentieth century, mens ties have taken on new dimensions and meaning. Many ties from before the times are not even worn by men anymore. Bow ties are not very common anymore like they used to be. In fact, it is likely that you will only see a man wearing a bow tie at a very high class event or wedding.

Men are more aware these days than ever of what they are wearing now. Before all the men wore only a plain tie for work or for a business opportunity and it was normal to do. The tie has to be the top line, sleek and stylish. Many manufacturers tie dissimilar men have followed the trends over the years to create what was in demand. This takes a lot by the designer, as they have to stay up to date on what is “on.”

A plain, solid colored tie is no longer sufficient for the Twentieth century man. Mens ties need to be fashionable, innovative and unique. This may be due to the fact that ties are no longer worn solely on special occasions, rather is is part of fashion. For instance, while walking in the city you will likely see 7 out of every 10 men wearing a tie. Many of these men are headed no where special, they just enjoy wearing them. This brings the need for a tie that can be worn every day and any where.

Some men will wear a tie without even wearing a suit. It is typical in today’s time to see a man wearing a nice dress jacket with a tie and a pair of jeans. This trend has certainly become more popular among the younger generations who choose not to wear a suit.

The bow tie is a popular accessory for women during the time of Halloween and parties during New Year festival. It also seems that the relations of men have taken an important turn in the drivers too. It used to only be used by businessmen, now you can find young women and girls in private schools, university students and even women who wear ties.

It is clear that the men’s ties have come a long way since its first manufacture. There is no doubt that it will continue changing and increasingly original as the passing years.


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