More than half the European Union is in demographic crisis

More than half the European Union is in demographic crisis
The United States has worried about the aging of its population and declining birthrates, and this demographic shift has reached a crisis level in Europe, where more people are dying than are born in 17 European Union nations and more than half of …
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Merkel: Migrant crisis ‘historic test’
The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has described the migrant crisis as a “historic test” for Europe. Defending her policy on migrants at the annual conference of her CDU party, Mrs Merkel said that Germany was standing by its humanitarian duties.
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EU to launch new border force plan
Mr Avramopolous said the new EU border force would have a staff of around 1,000, with a mandate to intervene whenever national authorities failed to safeguard the EU’s external borders. The migrant crisis has undermined the authority of Schengen, …
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Who is responsible for the eurozone crisis? The simple answer: Germany
The wrong economic model of the crisis led Germany to insist on tighter fiscal rules which created a second eurozone recession. German influence on the European Central Bank also led it to delay QE for six years, and raise rates during 2011. Finally we …
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