The 'euro toolkit': How to save Schengen in four key steps

The 'euro toolkit': How to save Schengen in four key steps
In the current situation, EU leaders have started to use this instrument as well: European Council meetings in September, October and November 2015 all dealt with the refugee crisis and – indirectly – with Schengen, but the involvement of the four …
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The Enduring Relevance of “Manias, Panics, and Crashes”
Aliber has continued to update the book, and the new edition has a chapter on the European sovereign debt crisis. (The prior edition covered the events of 2008-09.) But he has also made his own contributions the Minsky-Kindleberger (and now –Aliber) …
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Greece is back at the heart of EU's existential crisis with threatened
Exactly the same thing happened over Europe's sovereign debt crisis. Limited relief was offered by the EU, but on terms and conditions which Greece found unacceptable. In the end, it was forced to capitulate, the alternative being expulsion from the …

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