The Euro Zone Crisis: 10 Years Later

The Euro Zone Crisis: 10 Years Later

Oct.15 — It’s been 10 years since the Greek government announced its economy was in serious trouble, with Prime Minister George Papandreou saying the nation faced ‘unprecedented fiscal derailment’. The Euro Zone debt crisis followed. Bloomberg takes a look back at what has changed.

The euro has taken a major beating against its US peer since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, falling to its lowest level in 20 years. While a weakened euro should worry European consumers, US travelers visiting Europe could benefit.


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34 thoughts on “The Euro Zone Crisis: 10 Years Later

  1. The ECB is going to raise the rent we are going to a new euro crisis.

  2. Greek people have had a series of really bad luck but they also did this to themselves and are still doing so. they still don't see that they ARE the government and that when the government makes debts they will have to pay for it. I remember at the height of the eurocrisis. Greece was about to go bankrupt, interest rates were 20% yet all brokers blocked access to purchasing bonds abroad. Greece was bankrupt. then the people had a choice and I remember them voting en masse for free electricity paid for by the government. heating your home with gas was way more efficient but hey.. "electricity is free"so people started heating their homes with 2000kwh inefficiënt space heaters. as an example now years later their debt to gdp has increased to 210% their economy and incomes tanked and the budget deficit is over 10%. young intelligent people have fled the country leading to a braindrain and Greece's position in the Eurozone is that of a leech…i'd say it's time for change from the ground up…

  3. this is another small thing that happened in 2009-2019.

    What else does the crown do now

  4. This is what happens when you let bureaucrats fulfill their dreams, a currency used for political unity when currencies are not meant to be for political purposes.

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  6. When my country joined EU it was poorer than Liechtenstein
    Now its Richer than Greece.
    It only shows how EU affects each countries.

  7. Great. Let's talk about Greece. Bro Greece is multiple times worse than the other countries

  8. In short: Germany and Hanseatic League open those bloody banks of yours through fiscal reform or we are all fucked.

  9. 10 years ago smaller euro nations , now bigger euro nations like-Germany, Italy

  10. wow that was an excellent interview also in my opinion due to the moderator. With her easy going attitude she is able to make such a difficult and maybe dry topic quite appealing and interesting. Thank you for that!

  11. This is what happens when you stop the economy of a country and also close borders while at the same time you print big amounts of money. It is called inflation. War and problems with the supplying chain just came to make worse what was already not going well.

  12. Fighting more wars definitely take Euro to 0.7 to USD….. War is a sad game where Euro tanks considerably…

  13. EU bureaucrats are even dumber than chimp brained Blinken and demented Joe. Nice job committing economic suicide in the name of the most corrupt country in Europe.

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  15. EURO can buy everything from US, even can discard their currencies and use dollar

  16. The old lady “dollar is so strong”. No lady, euro is just become very weak.

  17. Good news all around. Thank You Euroleaders, the stupidity is outstanding.

  18. What a joke that it’s Russia’s fault wasn’t the Euro always going to fail

  19. Why doesn't Germany bring its own Deutsche Mark back as a Currency, that a Subject that i would gladly hear and if thats possible scenario

  20. American pulled Europe into their catch. Welldone! European political leadership was fooold into the warvwhat The Us is fighting, but europeans pay the bill!

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