The European Debt Crisis

The European Debt Crisis

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Today we will look at why the eurozone and the Western financial system are not out of the woods.

Despite claims from politicians that the economic and financial environment in Europe is much better than a decade ago we actually the opposite is true.


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19 thoughts on “The European Debt Crisis

  1. I don't have much money in the bank lol. My company has 1.5m in the bank. Waiting for that day when they won't get access to take out hehe

  2. Lithuania problems coming.Blood stored border by Russia and Belarus ? not positive yet

  3. The best thing to be on every wise individual's mind or list is to invest in different streams of income that is not depended on the government to generate funds

  4. I have a feeling that it's a lot more than $30T US reported debt!

  5. Europe is led by a death cult so I wouldn’t put too much energy into its concern. It will sink into its own irrelevance and be done with.

  6. I think in the long run, we'll see a renaissance of gold backed currencues. But if Russia or China will be the first in establishing a new gold backed currency that is widly exepted, all western fiat currencies will be worthless over night. We would hit rock bottom.

  7. I signed up for Glint just before I found your channel. :/ Love your content, main reason I don't watch more is you say what I'm already thinking. You have a great understanding but if you're just telling me theory I can get that in a lot of places. More micro detail (especially stuff drawn from your professional experience) I would welcome

  8. It seems that the Central Bankers can whenever they like just turn on the money printer to keep yields down regardless of inflation down the pipeline. That's their fallback and recourse.

  9. I think summer will be a blood bath in all markets, to include precious metals. Stack fiat to pick up the good deals.

  10. I still haven't had this question answered. If the central banks have created money from nothing then who exactly do we, the taxpayers, owe this money to?

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