The full Context: Is Europe staring at an energy crisis nightmare? | WION

The full Context: Is Europe staring at an energy crisis nightmare? | WION

Europe’s worst nightmare is unfolding this week. Russia’s energy giant Gazprom began 10 days of maintenance work on the Nord stream 1 pipeline. As per reports, there is no guarantee when the pipeline would actually become functional again.

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CNBC’s Brian Sullivan reports from Germany to explain the energy crisis facing European countries as Vladmir Putin sends mixed messages over whether Russia plans to resume supplying natural gas to the continent. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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34 thoughts on “The full Context: Is Europe staring at an energy crisis nightmare? | WION

  1. MAcron should ask his granny not to take a shower and appear before the public!

  2. If renewables like wind and solar can supply enough energy, then why are we all still dependent on gas , especially that from Russia? The answer must be is that renewable energy cannot provide sufficient power. After nearly 4 decades of talking about them, Europe and the world are still dependent on fossil fuels and it may now be too late to develop alternative sources, as they will all take years to come on line.
    It is probably now too late to prevent economic collapse and the world population will fall dramatically .

  3. Weeping Zelensky is a pawn to destroy the EU economy by UK and USA. It is a long plan. The colonist just encouraged Ukraine to kill the Ukraine Rebels and bombed their area to poke Russia.

  4. LMAO, Macron is so predictable, obviously changing directions hoping to keep his head attached to his neck.

  5. The EU is committing suicide by imposing Sanctions on Mother Russia, the provider of Food and Energy.

  6. Burn more coal, like they did only a few years ago. And you can make gas from coal. And restart your nuclear power plants. How do you like all of those windmills and green energy? Time to grow up! Green Energy will not save your ass this winter.

  7. Expect nothing less when lying Environmental whacos think they know what's best for people,

  8. Russia using Gas as a Geopolitical Instrument just a smart Boomerang the EU, US, NATO get vs Sanction, so theres no big or small exchange of Gift to each other , Not necessary to Blame one to another, cause what you have done to others will just go back to you. Never more Crying time, especially to an enemy, If you consider the enemy plotting a Wartime, then track the path, only Coward will not do these

  9. Stop all private jets travelling to Climate Change and World Economic Forums to cut down on unnecessary Fossil Fuel use and hold Virtual events

  10. As a Canadian citizen if there are parts needed for critical public infrastructure that provide numerous necessities of life to the citizens of any country, then regardless of the recipient these parts should be sent. I know there is a war going on, but we should be trying to help all our neighbors rather than stirring the pot even further.

  11. Bill Gates was satisfied with covid death count. Back from the drawing board.

  12. i don't see any Leader of any Nation in the EU Working & making decisions favorable to their People. They are All the Slaves of the US Directives & will suffer the consequences of their actions. Blame the US, they must, once the suffering gets intense & their Economies Collapse.

  13. You sanction another nation and not expect them to react? Can these people be dumber? The expectation is that they should punish Russia and they in turn should not be punished. Just like the white man to think himself as exceptional. History repeats itself.

  14. Europe is screwed. Without natural gas and oil from Russia, they are in for a brutal winter. Without continuous exploitation of Africa, they will starve.


  16. It calls when you have head but dont have anything in head,bravo

  17. Europe has to turn to cheap energy like nuclear fusion not blood soaked oil and gas from Putin

  18. Sanders said sanction would not work look at Cuba Venezuela Nicaragua Iran North Korea India China and Iran sending drones to Russia Russia control wheat fertilizer oil and gas and planning coal and nuclear power plants what about nuclear waste Russia control wheat fertilizer oil and gas Saudia Arabia buying Russia oil and gas

  19. All western countries leaders are just taking wrong decisions regarding Russia. They sanctioned Russia because ball was in their court. Now Russia is doing ethically same reply. What is wrong in this? NATO betrayed Russia by expanding up to Russian boarder.
    Bad leadership in Nato members created this havoc. They falled prey to their own weapons. After all NATO wanted this war. Russia just replied to western countries. Now blaming Russia is UNETHICAL.

  20. Putinitler o terrorista, fascista, capitalista  e chantagista do Amargedon fez um contrato com o Diabo na ceifa de cabeças principalmente de  Humanos pela fome,  de russos e Ucranianos, ele esconde-se no comunismo e usa os desgraçados dos comunistas. Ele copiou Hitler e juntou todas as forças disponíveis para invadir a Europa , só que surpresa o ser Humano já cada vez menos atura opressores. Viajou pela Europa afora engraxando os nossos políticos na cooperação energética e progresso lucrando cada vez mais , mas afinal juntava meios para destruir e dominar a Europa e não para dar riqueza aos seus compatriotas. Agora como a Europa lhe descobriu a careca fez um Eixo com os presidentes Brochenaro, Chingapingas, Lavrov, Danidog, Brochenaro, Putinitler ele própio, Maslachenco , Ramnotacovid19, CrilRaposa, o Diabo  neste momento todos colaboram para destruir o nosso planeta com vista a serem imortais e dar ganhos imensos ao Besebu….Estaline também  fez um contrato com o diabo várias vezes e só com a fome matou 5 milhões de Ucranianos, juntou-se a Hitler  e foi traído por este  conseguindo ceifar as cabeças de vários milhões de Russos.

    Agora Putinitler tornou-se o extreminador implacavel II irmão do extreminador implacavel I o nazista  e torna todos os Russos em nazis adorando em vez da suástica  a zuástica. Obriga Brochenaro a desflorestar a floresta Amazónia por forma esta substituir a Ucrânia na produção de pão, Cril Raposa irá expulsar todos Africanos pobres de África por forma a inundar a Europa de refugiados, Maslachenco deixará usar o país para base de ataque militar para atacar a Nato e Ucrânia, a china irá ser o novo financiador da guerra permitindo as exportações da Russia e os Outros fornecerão a carne humana para a guerra, com Danidog já o faz..

    Depois Putinitler irá cuspir no prato de todos os que lhe deram comida.

    Portanto para a raça humana a inflação será a menor ameaça a maior é termos pescoço.

  21. What a foolish and stupid world we live in Europeans sanctioning themselves.

  22. The West lives in its own invented world and lies that it creates and wonders all the time why everything happens differently than they plan, that is, through the ass

  23. Putin sends mixed messages as Europe deals with energy crisis.

    Europe sends mixed messages by saying they didn't want Russian gas but when Russia stops sending gas, they call it blackmail.

  24. if europe runs out of oil and gas its a win win !
    we need to take catastrophic actions to stop the unprecedented crisis the world is in with global warming!
    yes they say some people will get cold in winter but we must think of the animals too and stop them going extint!
    as they say its a win win !


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