Today’s Crisis in the USA – Is it Economic Or Spiritual?

What is today’s crisis in the United States? Opinions vary, with most folks saying the economy is their greatest concern. But, is that the cause of the crisis itself or merely a symptom? Are there real crises in climate change, healthcare or education? Pundits say yes, but you know better…

What is the correct diagnosis of the illness that plagues our country? What is causing the symptoms of economic decline and arguments about what life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness means? What is at the heart of the contentious town hall meetings, arguments across chat rooms and dining room tables? Well, if you are Christian, it is a spiritual crisis. If you are not, then I suggest the politically correct version of the diagnosis is a crisis of belief. (Still sounds spiritual to me, but we all know there are times when just bringing up God will cause the listener to tune out, or the reader to turn the page.)euro4

Half of the population seems to believe that the government of the United States is still trustworthy and dedicated to upholding the Constitution. The other half does not. Half think that anything a member of the Executive or Legislative branches of our government speaks is only another lie, half-truth, or very “creative” version of their true position. Do you think that the population may be likewise divided on the issue of God himself?

Where do we go for answers? Where do we go for our vision? God provides both answers and insight through His teaching Person, the Holy Spirit. Has God changed? Has mankind? No, on both counts.

People do not give crisp, clear answers to specific questions for one of two reasons. They are confused or they are lying. Indeed, there are times when the speaker is unsure of which is the case. So, half the population believes their elected officials are confused, the other half believes they are lying. The truth can usually be found somewhere between those two positions. How do discerning members of the electorate discover the truth?

Access to accurate information is the number one obstacle to correctly understanding our national condition. No one media source is reliable. FOX slants just as CNN does, it just slants a different direction. Responsible citizens are forced into the role of investigative reporter. May I suggest that you include as your primary reference book the Bible? It literally contains volumes about truth, confusion, wisdom and vision.

Earlier this week my husband and I attended a luncheon with our Congressperson. The current spotlight on combative town hall meetings inspired her office to do all they could to reduce the chance of becoming the lead story for the evening news. Still, she seemed like a delightful lady and gave a nice talk. A few written questions were answered; my husband’s being the first. The odd nature of her response inspired my husband to investigate the veracity of her response.

Sadly, we encountered the problem so many politicians find difficult to escape. She did not answer truthfully. My husband provided, in writing, the author and number of the house resolution. He asked if she had signed on to a “promise” that would require members of Congress to accept regular benefit packages. She said, “Yes, I have.” Well, as of yesterday, no she hasn’t.

Most folks, whether in Washington or Lubbock, seem to be pretty friendly in social situations. One symptom of our crisis in spirituality is that we can’t trust people to tell the truth, no matter how many grandchildren they have. Discernment and accountability are heady issues, and choices must be made. There is a great deal of spiritual energy working in the United States and in the world. Two very distinct sources of that energy exist, and everyone will be required to make a choice.

For Christians, the choice is clear. If we want to solve our national crisis, we need to tear down our internal walls between the secular and the spiritual.

May the USA become blessable again.

Lynn M. Baber is a Christian writer, business woman and retired equine professional. She describes her mission as being a messenger; working to share God’s message of grace, and to encourage His children to begin moving closer to “home”. Lynn shares the lessons learned during her thirty-five year career at the business table and round pen with her clients and readers. As a frustrated citizen, Lynn devoted nearly two years to navigating the murky waters of politics. She earned over 57,000 votes, but lost the win to Warren Buffet’s son, Howard.

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