20 thoughts on “Top strategist David Roche explains why Europe is likely heading for recession

  1. Five stages of grief: 1.Denial…2.Anger….3.Bargaining…..4.Depression…..5.Paying in rubles

  2. The us will fall before Europe. European countries have learned from failure and they have overcame so much over thousands of years. USA hasn’t had enough time to learn how to recover after failure.

  3. You know how I know this all staged lol because all the same shit is happening all over the world at the same time . Knock it off

  4. I wish he’d pay attention to his glasses—he always does that. Makes him look stupid.

  5. Here we go again. The pundits are being told to incite fear in an effort to crash the markets. Another orchestrated redistribution of wealth has begun.

  6. As Populations in countries with unfriendly government start to starve they will change their governments to more friendly ones.

  7. Europe no oil or money or gold or much of anything, America not invest trillions like they did to China

  8. Wake up people! Boris Brimstone Johnston is trying to do a Margaret Thatcher and use mindless jingoism to save his big, fat ass… Our pseudo leaders care more for the political agenda of their US masters than for their own people… The economic war they are raging against Russia is going to ricochet badly and have very grave circumstances for the lives of the ordinary people of the West.

  9. Experts… Experts…..Experts…..Experts…..Experts…..Experts…..Experts…..Experts…..Experts…..Experts…..soooooooooooooooooooo many Experts….. lol….lol….

  10. Russia, china and India along with east countries should make their own UNIQUE UNITED NATION….

  11. If europe is lucky the best they will get is a recession, this is what you get for being a puppet to the US.

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