Withdrawal symptoms before Fed rate hike

Withdrawal symptoms before Fed rate hike
Monetary stimulus continues unabated in the euro zone and Japan. … A further appreciation of the dollar could lead to debt-servicing problems for many emerging market companies, whose dollar borrowings have gone up substantially in recent years.
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The Incurable Japanese Syndrome And Europe
But this is something that highlights the structural problems of the Japanese economy, beyond what can be done with monetary policy alone. Briefly, Japan does not grow because it cannot grow; with a declining and rapidly ageing population, the future …
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DAX 30 & Eurozone Exchanges Fundamental Analysis – December 15, 2015 – Forecast
European Central Bank president Mario Draghi is repeating his traditional call for eurozone governments to reform their economies and their monetary union. In a well-worn refrain, Draghi is urging politicians to do more to tackle problems in the euro …
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